About Us

About Us

Tradeit.com Pte Ltd started as an exporter of premium used automobiles to countries all around the world and has since expanded into retail operations in Singapore.

We pride ourselves in delivering top notch services to our customers in Singapore and all around the world. Our motto, Efficiency and Quality are the driving factors behind the success of the Company. 


Darren has been working in the automobile industry since 2000. He started out as a sales consultant in an established car dealership in Singapore and progressed within 2 years to become the head of the car dealership’s export department.

It is Darren’s belief that understanding the Company’s customer’s needs is the key to success. With his extensive experience in the car industry, he strives to provide and tailor products to suit, as far as possible, each individual customer’s specific requests.

Further, it is Darren’s and the Company’s commitment to continually provide quality vehicles at reasonable prices to the Company’s international as well as local customers.

We look forward to your kind support, if need be, you can always contact us via the 'Contact Us' page.